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Car Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has become an integral component in almost all modern vehicles. As well as being particularly useful in the summer months to keep cool, it is also useful in winter months to rapidly de-mist windscreens. However, most drivers are unaware of the best way to maintain their vehicle’s air conditioning, and often wait until the system fails completely before paying any attention to it.


Is your vehicle’s air conditioning not quite as cool as it once was? Does it just blow hot air? Is there an unpleasant smell every time the air conditioning is switched on? Or maybe your air conditioning system has failed completely. 


Our experienced air conditioning expert can inspect your vehicle’s air conditioning system and check all of the hoses, evaporator, compressor, caps and connectors for signs of wear and tear and leaks. We can flush the coolant system, carry out a pressure test, replace any failed components and recharge the coolant system.


Call our friendly team today to get your air conditioning performing as it was when it was new.


Come to Marsh Motors for all your vehicle’s repair and maintenance needs right here in Neston.

Our family run business has a proven track record of providing the highest level of customer service for over 35 years.

Need Our Assistance? Let's get you booked in!
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