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06Tyres, Brakes and Exhausts

Image by Yash Savla


Between you and the road are four footprints. That’s roughly all the amount of surface area your tyres have in contact with the road when you’re driving along, so it’s essential for your own safety that your vehicle is fitted with correct and roadworthy tyres.


At Marsh Motors, we care about you and your safety.  That’s why, when we take a look at your tyres, we will measure the tread depth in several places, look for unusual wear patterns, any damage to the tyres, and also check for proper inflation of the tyres, according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.


When it comes to choosing a new tyre, as your local official Landsail tyre retailer, we will advise you on the correct tyre for your vehicle from our range, focussed upon efficiency, durability and performance. Landsail have won group tests against the top brands like Continental, Bridgestone and Michelin and perform as well in road tests as these other major brands, but at a significantly cheaper price.

Marsh Motors Understanding Tyre Size


Your vehicle’s braking system is made up of several components which have a limited lifespan, over time they will become worn or faulty and will require replacement. 


Here at Marsh Motors we can perform a full safety inspection of the braking system including components such as brake pads, discs, calipers, brake drums and shoes, and advise you of any necessary repairs. 


If it does need repairing, you can be safe in the knowledge that our highly skilled and experienced team will make certain that your vehicle’s braking system will give you the best possible performance and safety when you need it.



The exhaust system is essential in keeping your vehicle running smoothly, quietly and with the minimum of harmful emissions. Problems with the exhaust system will not only harm your vehicle’s performance but also it’s fuel economy, and if the exhaust system isn’t in the best of health, your car will almost certainly fail the MOT test.


Here at Marsh Motors we can inspect and test your vehicle’s entire exhaust system, we can carry out any necessary repairs and replace any defective components where necessary here in our fully equipped workshop facility.


Come to Marsh Motors for all your vehicle’s repair and maintenance needs right here in Neston.

Our family run business has a proven track record of providing the highest level of customer service for over 35 years.

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